What I’ve Read


Breathe- – Abbi Glines

In too deep- Kathryn Shay

Always Wanted- Sarah Tork

Just for now- Abbi Glines

While it lasts- Abbi Glines

Because of Low- Abbi Glines

The impact of you- Kendall Ryan

Pure passion- Mt Stone

Playing for keeps- Emma Hart

The love game- Emma Hart

Marital bitch- JC Emery

The vincent bous- Abbi Glines

The vincent brothers- Abbi Glines

forever too far- Abbi Glines

Just for now- Abbi Glines

Drunk and disorderly- Liv Morris

Before now- Cheryl McIntyre

The love handles club- Liv Morris

Deceived- Eve Carter

There is no light in darkness- Claire Contreras

Riding with the cop- JS Scott

Real- Katy Evans

The rocker that needs me- Teri Anne Browning

Losing it- Cora Carmack

Prom for one- Marcy Blesy

Bully- Penelope Douglas

Darkness before dawn- Claire Contreras

Rocked- Clara Bayard

Pros and Cons- Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

The stronger safer kind: The boys of DownCrash- London Casey

For you- Mimi Strong

Tension (ARC)- R.L. Griffins

The boys of DownCrash  2: Torn to pieces- London Casey

Dead sexy dragon (ARC)- Lolita Lopez

Reasons I fell for the funny fat friend- Cassie Mae

No strings attached- Nicolette Day

Captive in the dark (dark series #1)- CJ Roberts

Frigid- Jennifer Armentrout

Knight and Play- Kitty French

Fading- EK Blair

One week girlfriend- Monica Murphy

Easy- Tammara Weber

Seducing Cinderella- Gina Maxwell

Speed of my heart- Erika Trevathan

Angel baby- Leslie Kelly

Rock chick- Kristen Ashley

Chasing Liberty- Belinda Borning

Kitchen Scandals- Brooke cumberland

Pulse- Gail McHugh

Collide- Gail McHugh

Travis- Nicole Edwards

Fever- Maya Banks

Keeping her (arc)- Cora -Carmack

Knight and Stay- Kitty French

Spark- Brooke Cumberland

Consequences- Alethea Romig

Raising Ryann- Alyssa Rae Taylor

Trust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance, #1= Melanie Walker

In flight- RK Lilley

Playing with her heart- Lauren Blakely

Control (songs of submission # 4)- C.D. Reiss

Caught up in us- Lauren Blakely

Naked- Raine Miller

All in: The Blackstone Affair part II- Raine Miller

Tears of Tess- Pepper Winters

Crazy beautiful love- JS Cooper

Fixed on you- Laurelin Paige

Inseparable- Missy Johnson

Ruin- Rachel van Dyken

Seduce-Missy Johnson

The go-to girl- Abi Aiken

Beautiful  bombshell- Christina Lauren

Axel- Harper Sloan

Second chance summer (ARC)- Emma Hart

Whatever it takes- L. Maretta

The cold light of day (ARC)- TM Frazier

Very bad things- Ilsa Madden Mills

Wish I may- Lexi Ryan

The ugly stepsister strikes back- Sariah Wilson

Bad Things- RK Lilley

Off Chance (ARC)- Sawyer Bennett

Simple Perfection- Abbi Glines

My brother’s best friend- Sarah Daltry

Beg- CD Reiss

Submit- CD Reiss

Tease- CD Reiss

The rocker that loved me (arc)= teri anne browning

Cherry Tart -( ARC)-Scarlett Jade

Alpha Bet- Stephanie Hale

Sing (ARC)- CD Reiss

Thrilling Heaven- DH Sidebottom

Something More- Mia Catile

Cage- Harper Sloan

Shocking Heaven- DH Sidebottom

Before Lucky- JS Cooper

A risk worth taking- Heather Hildenbrand

Madeleine Abducted- MS Willis

Rotten- JL Brooks

Still Human- Kerry Heavens

White Trash Beautiful- Teresa Mummert

Carter Reed- Tijan

In Too Deep- Selene Chardou

Wicked End- Bella Jeanisse

Out from under- Selene chardou

The Wallbanger- Alice Clayton

Baking Bree- Sarah West

Gemini- Penelope Ward

Finding Cinderella- Colleen Hoover

Good- S. Walden

Untangle Me- Chelle Bliss

Big girls don’t cry- JS Scott

Beautiful rose- Missy Johnson

Eyes Wide Open- Raine Miller

His ever after- (ARC)- Jessica Ingro

Mine- Katy Evans

In a heartbeat- Hilary Storm

This man- Jodi Ellen Malpas

Beneath this man- Jodi Ellen Malpas

Heaven Sent- Hilary Storm

Night Owl- M. Pierce

Welcome to Sugarland- Carmen Jenner

Text- Cambria Hebert

Tease- Missy Johnson

Working It- Kendall Ryan

Monica- CD Reiss

The Rocker that Holds Her- Teri Anne Browning

Try- Ella Frank

Jake Undone- Penelope Ward

Knight’s Sinners- Bella Jewel

Law Man- Kristen Ashley

Freeing- EK Blair

Rock chick rescue- Kristen Ashley

Rock chick revenge- Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Renegade- Kristen Ashley

Saving Ella- Kirsty Dallas

Quintessentially Q- Pepper Winters

Save- Ella Col

Stripped- Jasinda Wilder

Cyrus- MJ Fields

Unwrapped- Melody Grace

Jase- MJ Fields

Broken- Ella Col

Tipsy- Cambria Hebert

Falling- EK Blair

Last Hit- Jessica Clare and Jenn Frederick

Conflicted Love- Lola Stark

Reaper’s Property- Joanna Wylde

Mile High- RK Lilley

Beck- Harper Sloan

Hell’s Knights- Bella Jewel

Heaven’s Sinners- Bella Jewel

Torn from You- Nashoda Rose

Bikers and Tinsel- Bella Jewel

Knight- Kristen Ashley

Private North- Tess Oliver

Seduction and Snacks- Tara Sivec

Fighting for Irish- Gina L Maxwell

Weak for Him- Lyla Parish

Rome- Jay Crownover

Mystery Man- Kristen Ashley

Changing his game- Justine Elvira

Marking Her- Elena Reyes

Elite- Rachel Van Dyken

Ruined- Tracy Wolff

Private Show- Danielle Torella

Come to me quietly- AL Jackson

Renegade Lady- Emily Minton and Dawn robertson

Reaper’s Legacy- Joanna Wylde

Only You- Penelope Douglas

Beautiful Failure- Mariah Cole

Tricks- Cambria Hebert

Out of Place- Shane Scollins

Staking his Claim- Tessa Bailey

Flawed Perfection- Cassandra Giovanni

Tease- Cambria Hebert

Torch- Cambria Hebert

Consequences of Deception- Ella Fox

Angels in Leather- Bella Jewel

Take A Chance- Abbi Glines

Mid Life Love At Last- Whitney Garcia Williams

Rare and Precious Things- Raine Miller

Fire Inside- Kristen Ashley

Enjoy your stay- Carmen Jenner

Tattoo- Cambria Hebert

Saturdays at the Viper Rooms- Kristy ann Still

Own the Wind- Kristen Ashley

Rush- Maya Banks

Uncaged- Harper Sloan

Trouble- Samantha Towle

Beauty from Pain- Georgia Cates

Slave (Finding Anna book #1)- Sheri Hayes

Tied with you- Kristen Proby

 Four years later- Monica Murphy

The Heist- Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

8 weeks- Bethany Lopez

Raid- Kristen Ashley

The Right Moves- Em’ma Hart

Until you’re mine- K. Langston

Bad for you- Abbi Glines

Come away with me- Kristen Proby

Protector- Diana Palmer

Breathe- Kristen Ashley

Kaleidoscope- Kristen Ashley

The Rocker’s Babies- Teri Anne Browning

Beautiful Bitch- Christina Lauren

The Gamble- Kristen Proby

Outlaw kind of love- Nicole Snow

Rush too far- Abbi Glines

Complete Me- J. Kenner

Renegade Reject- Emily Minton and Dawn Martens

Sweet filthy boy- Christina Lauren

If I stay- Courtney Cole

His to Protect- tessa Bailey

v card- Alicia Michaels

Dragon’s Lair- Chantal Fernando

Four Seconds to Lose- KA Tucker

The Bet- Rachel Van Dyken

Devil’s Game- Joanna Wylde

Know Me- Cora Brent

Geek High- Piper Banks

Twisted Together- Pepper Winters

Ten Tiny Breaths- KA Tucker

Archer’s Voice- Mia Sheridan

Play- Kylie Scott

Cooper- Harper Sloan

Five ways to fall- KA Tucker

Better When He’s Bad- Jay Crownover

Sweet Dreams-Kristen Ashley

Craving Him- Kendall Ryan

Undescribible- Shantel Tessier

Take- Ella Frank

Burn- Maya Banks

Sharing Him- Molly McAdams

Promise Me- Cora Brent

Colter’s Woman- Maya Banks

Undeniable Attraction- Eliza Brown

Lead- Kylie Scott

The rocker who wants me- Teri Anne Browning

Sugar on the edge- Sawyer Bennett

Taste- Cambria Hebert

Tempting Her Best Friend- Gina Maxwell

Assumption- Aurora Rose Reynolds

Filthy Beautiful Lies- Kendall Ryan

Reasonable Doubt- Whitney Garcia Williams

Reasonable Doubt 2- Whitney Garcia Williams

The Way Home- AC Bextor

Holding On- AC Bextor

Reasonable Doubt 3- Whitney Garcia Williams

Locke- Harper Sloan

Deacon- Kristen Ashley-

Filthy Beautiful Love- Kendall Ryan

Stepbrother Dearest- Penelope Ward

Of Monsters and Madness- Jessica Verday

Reaper’s Stand- Joanna Wylde

Going gone- Sharon Sala

Red & Wolfe book 1- Ella James

Ace’s Redemption- AC Bextor

Red & Wolfe book 2- Ella James

Red & Wolfe book 3- Ella James

Until the End- Abbi Glines

Taking it All- Kati Wilde

Wanting it All- Kati Wilde

Blind Devotion- Sam Crescent

Until the End- Abbi glines

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