Storm (Ashes & Embers, #1)

Author: Carian
Genre: Contemporary
eptember 30,
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The calm before the
I lived in the quiet stillness.
I felt the wind rustle, warning me, telling
me to get out of its path.
But I didn’t.
I never stood a
A series of weather and road mishaps
leaves me trapped in the middle of a blizzard with
a complete stranger.  In the back of a
pickup truck. For forty-eight freakin’ hours.
A stranger with long hair, tattoos, and
rippling with muscle.  
A stranger with an insanely sexy voice
and a wicked smile that turned my insides to jelly.
A stranger who held me in his arms,
calmed me, and then set a fire in me that I couldn’
t put out.
Storm lives up to his name. Beautiful.
Dangerously inviting. Tumultuous. Dark. A clash of
hot and cold.
He’s used to getting everything he
And now he wants
Some people chase storms for the
beautiful thrill. What happens when the storm chase
s you?
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★ Storm –
Excerpt ★

My hand wanders up to his
broad shoulder. So much muscle. I want to touch him
everywhere and explore every beautiful
part of him.

“You look scared.” His
voice is soft and even. I nod a little. Yes, I’m sc
ared. Scared he will kiss me, and scared he won’t.
I’m lost in his gaze, trapped against the couch.

A faint smile touches his lips.
“I like you scared. It makes me want to do things t
o you.”

My stomach flips and my
eyes widen. Things? What kind of things? And while
I feel scared, it’s not the kind of scared like
when you see someone creepy in a dark alley. It’s a
pulsing, electric fear that flips a switch deep
inside me, making my heart beat faster and sending
shivers up and down my spine. I peek up at
him to meet his eyes. They are dark and smoky and h
oned right in on me.

“You have two hands,” he

I put my other hand on his
arm and slowly move it up toward his neck and do th
e same with my other hand. His skin is so
warm and smooth. I slowly run my hands up and down
his inked arms and chest. There is
something really fascinating about touching someone
who is covered in tattoos, like caressing
artwork. He’s waiting, but for what I don’t know. H
e closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “I
love the way you touch me, Evie. Everything you fee
l comes right through your fingers. I felt it
when you were touching my hand in the truck. And I
feel it now.”

I pull my hands away. I
should not be touching him or making him feel all t
he things I feel. He opens his eyes and stares

down at me for a moment. “I’m going to let you stop
because you’re sick.” Let me? Let


He leans down even closer
to me, and I brace myself for his kiss, but he does
n’t kiss me. “You will touch me, Evie. I want to
feel your hands all over me because it’s like a fuc
king drug for me right now and I need it.” He
leans his forehead against mine. “And I’m going to
make you beg me to let you because I need
that, too.” His lips meet mine so softly… so brie
fly… that when he pulls away and walks out of
the room, I’m left wondering if it actually really

The fuck?

All this talk of touching and
making me beg has my girly parts in a quivery wet m
ess. What the hell just happened? He can’t
just come into my own home while I’m sick—breaking a
nd entering, mind you—and tell me I’m
going to be touching him and begging for it. I hear
the shower running. Is he seriously taking a
shower now after getting me all in a frenzy? He’s c
ompletely bat shit crazy. I need to get him out
of here before I lose my mind and do something stup
id. Especially, if he thinks he’s going to boss
me around while I’m sick and not able to even think


When I first read the synopsis for this book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  It sounded like the perfect mix of drama and sexiness.  Imagine being stuck in an oncoming blizzard with a hunk of manhood named Storm.  This was easily one of my highest anticipated books of the year!  And it was amazing.  I loved this read.

Evelyn is on her way to a business meeting when her vehicle gets caught in a storm. Luckily for her there is another Storm right behind her.  The plan is that he will help her by taking her to his nearby cabin, but mother nature has other plans and the pair ride out the storm, all snuggled up in a truck.  I don’t know about you, but being trapped in a truck for 48 hours with a sexy, tattooed rocker while having to share body warmth doesn’t sound too bad to me.  I love the fact that this story line is original, unique and intriguing.  This book isn’t like anything that I have read in recent memory.  I adored both of these characters.  Evelyn lives her life with very little self confidence and a boyfriend that pays no attention to her.  She needs a man that will treat her right.  A man like Storm.  I developed a major crush on the walking hunk of sexy named Storm.  He is gorgeous, protective and is not shy about letting Evie know that he wants her.  Storm fills Evelyn with emotions and feelings that she hasn’t felt in a long time.   The love -hate relationship that she has with Storm quickly changes into white hot chemistry.   When this book first started, I thought that Evelyn tended to act like a spoiled brat but by the end of the book, you grow to love her and understand the reasons behind her actions.  I loved that you can see her grow through the book.  All good books have to have some sort of drama and this book definitely has it in spades.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers but there are a few gut clenching moments. This is an amazing debut effort by the author.  Trust me when I say that this book will not let you down and you will not be able to put it down.  It is the perfect trinity of drama, romance, and sexiness.  Storm is the first book in the Ashes and Embers  series. I cannot wait for book 2.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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★ About Carian

I have a passion for the bad boys, those covered
tattoos, sexy smirks, ripped jeans, fast cars, moto
rcycles and of course, the
sweet girls that try to tame them and win their hea
rts. My debut series, Ashes
& Embers, follows the lives of rock band member
s as they find, and
sometimes lose, the loves of their lives.

My first novel in the Ashes & Embers
Storm, will be available in September of 2014.
Born and raised a Jersey girl, I now reside
in beautiful New Hampshire
with my husband and our multitude of furry pets and
spend most of my time
writing, reading, and vacuuming.

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  1. I absolutely love this cover, review, excerpt and trailer and would love a chance to win. Unfortunately, the giveaway link is invalid. 😦

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