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 A note from the author regarding this book:

 As you know I donated 10% of sales to Susan G. Komen when I released Uncontrollable. I’m doing the same thing for Unforgettable. Tate went through a childhood that was full of abuse. His mother also experienced abuse from the man who was supposed to protect them. Love them. In doing research for this book I found out that 5 children die every day in the US due to child abuse. And up to 15 million children will witness domestic violence in their home each year. This broke my heart & it needs to be stopped. If you know someone who is having to live this way-please help them. Not everyone has a loved one or friend they can turn to for help & guidance. Be that person! Show them they’re not alone. It could save their life. ♡


Unforgettable is the fourth book in the Undescribable series; Undescribable, Unbearable and Uncontrollable. But Unforgettable can be read as a standalone.

My name is Tate. And all my life I have kept secrets. The type of secrets that haunt your dreams at night. I wake up hating the world, and I go to sleep knowing that the memories of my past will visit me-remind me that I once was weak and a coward. I’ll never be that man again.

But there is one person who has always made me think there may be more to life than hatred and revenge. Missy fills me with hope. But hope is what makes you weak, makes you think you can be better, and it’s a lie.

A man like me deserves to be alone forever because one day, I will come face to face with my past, and I will destroy it. Even if that means destroying myself in the process.

But what I didn’t know was that she has nightmares of her own-because of me. For the first time in my life, I want to save someone. But how do I save her when I can’t even save myself?


Undescribable (Undescribable, #1)Unbearable (Undescribable, #2)Uncontrollable (Undescribable, #3)




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