Double review of Klay and A Home for Caroline by Regina Bartley. (Both are 5 star reads)

Klay (A Rosen Brother's Novel)A home for Caroline (A Rosen Brother's Novel)

These books were like little rays of sunshine in my reading world.  I laughed, cried and fell in love with the characters.  I’m so glad that I was able to read the first two books in the Rosen Brother’s series.  I am officially one of Regina Bartley’s biggest fans.

Klay is all business all of the time.  He lives and breathes for his work and plans to take over the family business one day.  He is all business all the time. One day the lovely Caroline walks into his office to apply to be his personal assistant.  Klay tries to be the alpha man in charge but soon finds himself falling for his newest employee.  There is an instant chemistry between the pair that sparks whenever they are near each other.  But as with any good romance, there are obstacles in their way.  Namely, Klay’s parents, a not very likable set of people who are trying to push Klay into an advantageous match with a woman not of his choosing. Klay is trying to be his own man and not have his life dictated by his parents.  His parents do not like Caroline and make no secret about it. They consider her a nobody and not worthy of their son.  Meanwhile, Caroline is hiding a secret of her own.  One that could threaten to destroy everything that she has finally achieved.

These are shorter reads but do not lack for anything.  The writing drags you right into the story and will not let you go.  The plot never lags nor lets up.  I loved the characters and how much they grew throughout these books.  Klay, who is used to having things his way finds himself at the mercy of love.  And Caroline, how I adored her.  Her life up to this point has been extremely difficult but she remained strong willed and did what she had to do to survive.  She is full of grit and determination and refuses to let life kick her around.  She is a survivor and you can’t help fall in love with her.  This pair is perfect for each other.  Klay is looking for that one true love and Caroline just wants to be loved and have her ultimate dream of a home, safety, kids, and a white picket fence to come true.  One of my very favorite characters in this book was Klay’s brother, Kory, who will get his own story in book 3 of this series.  Kory and Caroline develop a special friendship that had me grinning from ear to ear, especially when they called each other by their nicknames.

Although these books are part of a series, each can be read as a standalone.

Klay is mostly told from Klay’s point of view but in A Home for Caroline we get to see the story from Caroline’s point of view.  This second book is just as engaging and perfect as Klay. We get to delve into Caroline’s past a little more and see how she got to where she was.  I would recommend reading Klay first and then diving right into Caroline.

I loved everything about these books and can’t wait to start reading Kory.  Regina Bartley has some major talent on her hands.

5 out of 5 stars for each book.

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