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The Hunter…

Dare O’Shaughnessy had the world in the palm of his hand. A man known and feared for his ruthlessness, his word was law. The last word he ever expected to hear was no. Until he met her.

The Prey…

Aya Smith despised the ruling class who looked down on hardworking people like her. Sick of being treated unfairly by laws that protect the wealthy and punish the poor, she takes a stand but soon realizes, she might have crossed the wrong man.

The Game…

Created as a government program to assist in the repopulation of the country when an untested drug wipes out millions of women, The Run eventually evolves into something much more sinister. Now played for the amusement of the super rich, women down on their luck find themselves the prizes of sadistic masters.

Aya is forced to volunteer for The Run, and Dare, the most sadistic of all, places her in his crosshairs. She will belong to him, body and soul. But when he catches her will she succumb to his mastery, or will he find more trouble than he bargained for?








The Hunter meets his Prey……

Dare had anticipated this moment from the time he knew she’d signed on for The Run. Truth be told, he would have preferred that he didn’t have to expend so much energy just to have this one woman in his bed. But somehow, Aya Smith had become a bit of an obsession for him. She’d caught his eye albeit briefly even from across the street. Despite her small stature, she was the kind of person who was larger than life. She had that certain something about her that made people want to be close to her without quite knowing why.

Sure, she was attractive, but he’d had many beautiful women. It intrigued and angered him at the same time that this slip of a woman had consumed so much of his time since their initial confrontation. She’d taken over his fantasies as he imagined all the dirty things he intended to do to her.

As he stood before her, taking in the gentle swell of her curve, Dare grew rock hard. He wanted nothing more than to take her right now but he had already decided their first time together would be more than just a quick tumble on the floor. He wanted to properly savor his victory.

Dare wasn’t used to being thwarted but he couldn’t help but admire how spirited she remained despite her current circumstances. She was a dreg, the bottom of the social order. He had expected someone like to her jump at his original offer but she’d surprised him. Even as he set forth his campaign to show her she’d made a huge mistake, he’d expected her to come to him. And when she didn’t, it had surprised him. Dregs were always looking for handouts. He didn’t think she’d turned him down because of some high moral code she held. She was holding out for a higher prize. Everyone had a price. Even Aya Smith, whether she wanted to admit it or not. She made a worthy adversary, but in the end this was a war he intended to win.

She scowled at him, tapping her small foot against the hardwood floor. “Are you here to gloat?”

“I have no need to gloat. I told you what would happen in the beginning. You chose not to believe me.”

“Well congrat-freakin-lations. What do you want? Shouldn’t I be outside with the rest of the women?”

“This is one of the perks of being the boss, Aya, I get to do what I want.”

“Again, congratulations.” She rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her chest, obscuring his view of her chest.

“You have a lot of attitude for someone in your position, but we’ll fix that. When I have you—”

“What makes you think I’ll allow myself to be caught? Maybe, I’ll make it out.”

Dare narrowed his eyes, while he found her spirit amusing to a point, he was getting tired of her incessant backtalk. It was time to remind her of a few things. “Trust me, Aya, you will be caught. And when I have you, not only will you do what I say, you will love it.



Wow!  I didn’t know what to expect from this futuristic dystopian read and I was absolutely floored.  This is a dark and erotic read that takes place in a bleak and grim future where everything is divided between the haves and the have nots.  Dare is the biggest have at all.  This is an sexy alpha man with power beyond imaginging. He is not afraid to use that power to get anything he wants.  And he wants Aya.  He is obsessed with the idea of having Aya in his bed and at his mercy. He is at times cruel and merciless but at the same time, Aya makes him feel as no other woman has ever.   Aya is a have not, a “dreg”  and she doesn’t mix with the other half.  Dare and Aya have a dark and twisted love/ hate relationship that is filled with sexual chemistry.

In this future world, 2/3 of all women have died from a breast cancer vaccine.  Aya is desparate. She has nothing and needs to not only survive but to help her family.  She signs up for the Run, which is a competition where the ‘lower classes’ are hunted down like animals.  And once again Aya must do everything she can to survive while at the same time try to fight her attraction to Dare.

This is definitely not your normal hearts and flowers romance.  This is a high octane read that will leave you breathless and shocked.  A real page turner.  I loved every minute of this unique and addictive read and constantly wondered where the author would take me next.  Dare was so dominant and domineering but there was something very enigmatic about him.  Something that drew you to his character.  Aya- she was a no holds barred, take no prisoners kind of girl.  Strong, brave, and smart.  I loved this girl.  And I loved the dark chemistry between her and Dare.

This is easily one of the most unusual books that I have read in quite a while.  It was fascinating and I can’t wait till the next book in this series.

5 out of 5 stars.



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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author Eve Vaughn has always enjoyed creating characters and stories from an early age. As a child she was always getting into mischief, so when she lost her television privileges (which was often), writing was her outlet. Her stories have gotten quite a bit spicier since then! When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, Eve is reading, baking, traveling or kicking butt in 80’s trivia. She loves hearing from her readers. She can be contacted through her website at:



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