Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2; Rosemary Beach, #5)

.Twisted Perfection was one of my favorite books of all time.  The wait for its sequel, Simple Perfection, seemed to take forever, but was it ever worth it.

When we last left Woods and Della, they had just received news that Woods’s father had died of a massive heart attack, leaving Woods to head up the family business.  Woods had been training his entire life for this, but now that it was thrust unto his plate, it’s even harder than he imagined.  But he has Della, the love of his life.  This pair are still crazy in love and are adorable in their affection towards one another.  There is a problem though, Della is still suffering from her recurring nightmares and catatonic states and doesn’t believe that she will ever be good enough for Woods.  A misunderstanding sends Della running and Woods with a broken heart.  Will they be able to work through their problems or are they destined to be apart?

This book was crazy good.  There was so much happening on nearly every page.  There was definitely a more melancholy feel to this read than there was to Twisted Perfection.  This was a very emotional read that I had to at times put down and just breathe.  One event totally took me by surprise and broke my heart at the same time.  Abbi Glines knows how to play with your emotions.

Woods is as lovable as ever.  Even with all the stress that he is now under, Della still remains his top priority.  Della is just as sweet as ever.  I love the fact that in this book she gets stronger.  There is some fantastic character progression in this book.  Some of it is painful, but all of it is necessary.  Woods and Della still share enough sexual chemistry to light a forest on fire.  That never changes, but there is also a maturity in their relationship.  

All of the other characters from the series are back in Simple Perfection: Rush, Blaiire, Tripp, Bethy, Jase, and Grant.  I loved seeing all of these characters again.  This book kind of reminded me of a high school reunion.  It is good to see everyone again, but at the same time there is a different feel to everything.  People have changed and life is full of surprises.

I would recommend this book to everyone that loved Twisted Perfection or the Too Far series.  It is an awesome book.  It is like a mature version of Twisted Perfection.  

The ending sets up nicely for the next book.  There is a very interesting, unexpected cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how that pans out.  There is also a nice set up for Grant’s story.  

5 out of 5 stars.

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